About Us

This society was formed in 1941 for the purpose of collecting and preserving North Carolina history, traditions, artifacts, genealogies and folklore on not only the statewide basis, but on the county and local levels also.  Our purpose is to aid in and encourage the exchange of information between members; AND, primarily to reward those persons who fulfill our objectives in exceptional ways via our rewards program.

Our newsletter, FROM THE QUILL, keeps members informed of our activities and promotes the work of annual award winners in each edition.

Membership in our society is now open to all interested persons, organizations and businesses.  Membership indicates approval of our efforts and provides valuable assistance in seeing that our goals and objectives are reached.

Our society meets annually at a different location within North Carolina.  We meet in the month of October and combine this meeting with our Awards Banquet. 

Should you wish to become a member and support our efforts, please refer to our membership fee schedule for further information.

Why Become A Member?

By becoming a member of our organization, you are supporting our efforts to research, record, preserve and perpetuate the history of the great State of North Carolina. In addition, you are helping us to thank the dedicated, hard-working historians, genealogists, preservationists, archaeologists, web masters, publishers, editors, authors, etc., on EVERY LEVEL (professional and non-professional, family, local, county, state), via our annual awards program...a program that is second to none!

Membership Fee Schedule

Single - $15;
Family - $20;
Business/Organization - $25;
Senior (65+) - $10;
Student - $12;
Life - $250

Members joining mid-year are entitled to all back issues of our newsletter, From The Quill, for the membership year. Should you wish to join us toward the end of the year, please specify which membership year you are interested in.

With your remittance, please include your name, address, county of residence, phone number, fax number, email address, membership year you are interested in; and, whether you are a new member or renewal.